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Tuner position moved down the peghead slight (closer to the nut) to provide more room for the banner logo.During 1943 some SJ models had non-bookmatched two piece Adirondack spruce tops.(Note five piece necks were also used with no mahogany stripe, but these are made from maple.) Mahogany neck block, but by late 1942 poplar neck blocks were used.Bottom belly bridge (belly towards endpin, which was the opposite of what all other flattop Gibsons used after WW2) with 2 pearl dots, some models with rectangular bridge instead of a bottom belly bridge, multiple soundhole purfling, multiple bound top and back, constrasting wood strip down center of the back.An excellent model, fairly easy to find but a great guitar.I love this model, especially the "banner logo" versions!(no pre-1948 production numbers) 199, 192, 197, 194, 198, 1908, 192, 1930, 1999, 1926, 196, 1963, 197, 197, 196, 1999, 1972, 1913, 1981, 1996, 1917, 1925.Rumor has it Gibson made this model for their sales reps below the Mason-Dixon line. The Southern Jumbo is a great model, a fancier version of the J-45.

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Early examples have a Mahogany neck but a poplar or Birch neck with a single mahogany stripe down the center (3 piece neck) is more common.Kluson tuners no longer had circle stamp (still exposed gears, but riveted instead of screwed in place) and shaft size decreased to save metal.(These are "3 on a plate" open-back style tuners.) By late 1943 tuners are individual open-back Klusons, and not 3-on-a-plate style.The wood pores were not filled completely and not sanded even, only buffed.The skunk stripe is a unique feature and is quite rare but it might not be possible to assign it to a single year. Spann's book on factory order numbers, here's some documented FONs from the 1942 to 1945 era.

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