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The song quickly became a Top 10 hit in the United Kingdom, sending Moby on his way to becoming a key figure in electronic and dance music.

In 1995, Moby released his first full-length techno album, Outside of his music career, Moby is known for being very public about his deep Christian faith, which, he says, he discovered in the mid-1980s.

But this became a huge influence on me when I was growing up." Moby began playing music himself at the age of 9, when he began classical guitar and music theory lessons.But this became a huge influence on me when I was growing up.”“I hope that when I find myself no longer a public figure, which could be in six months or two weeks or 10 years, or whenever, I can give it up gracefully and not be bitter.But for now, sometimes it's fun indulging in the pitfalls a little bit.”“In about 1985 I read the teachings of Christ and was instantly struck by the idea that Christ was somehow divine.Throughout the mid-1980s, Moby tried desperately to kick-start his music career.He worked at a record store in Darien, played in local bands like Caeli Soul and Gin Train, and started DJing for local nightclubs.

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