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In today's world, it is rare for a guy to ask a girl on a date.

Instead, it is backwards: hook up, "talk," and then go on a date. Relationships start with "hooking up" and then "talking." I am not exactly sure when this became a thing, but it is sad that it is still ongoing. Everyone just wants to have "fun." I understand not wanting to be in a relationship during college, but today's generation of kids do not respect on another; they use each other.

While some of us are moving residence halls, some of us are studying away and some of us just have the craziest schedule for fall semester, we can still be making memories. I love that we have this time in our hectic days to have a chance to all talk to each other and hear about each other’s days.

Starting with my favorite thing that we do- our nightly “family” dinners. Studies have shown that a family that eats together stays together so I am confident that we will be staying together for years to come through college and after.

This is the third general comment page, related to the Mandela Effect.

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Let’s make more memories, let’s be spontaneous and let’s make the most of our short four years here.His debut studio album, Montevallo, broke several chart records with five singles spawned from the record, including three consecutive Hot Country Songs chart and four Country Airplay chart number ones.The lead single from the album, "Leave the Night On", peaked concurrently on the Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay charts, making Hunt the first country artist in 22 years, since Billy Ray Cyrus, to reach the top of three country charts simultaneously in the Nielsen Sound Scan-era.It is so hard to believe that we are ¼ done with our college careers.Sam Lowry Hunt (born December 8, 1984) is an American singer and songwriter.

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