When to go from casual dating to exclusive

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Square 14, at 1: I still take her out on details and try to date her, and she icebreakers the If you canister about a moment, you have to unite her to enjoy herself, too.

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I think it's a good idea to tell her you really like her, but it's only a few weeks, you don't even know her yet, nor does she really know you yet.

let me preface this by saying I've never had a girlfriend before (Im 25), was sort or a late bloomer in the dating dept.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

I'm pretty sure shes seen other guys since we've been going out, but I'm not sure if they are just friends.. Be patient, continue to enjoy the time together, and be confident that she is wanting the same thing. I guess I'm just trying to find out where this is going, without sounding demanding. tell her you like her so much you have no interest in dating other women, and just ask her how she feels about it. this kind of talk is worth doing as a "standalone" talk. Just ask about 99% of the people on this site (or read their stories) and it will quickly prove my point. If she tries to answer say, "I gotta jet, but we will talk about it later".it seems I've gotten to this point with a girls once or twice before and its never worked out. thanks in advance Well, it sounds a tad premature to bring it up right now. Your not asking for marriage youre just trying to get an understanding of what she is thinking so you know where to put your head. It would be my opinion that exclusivity and the choice to do so should come before sex. Most happen because two people simply become so compelled by the other person that they simply have no time (or inclination) for others. So you can just be yourself and you have got that one handled. Then there are common things that most all men and women find compelling. Being exclusive eliminates that learning opportunity. Continue with the dating spree until a) You see the pattern of women archetypes and you can tell a great deal about a woman by the way she holds her self, what she wears, etc.. b) You are fed up of dating and really want to settle down - but that's a horrible reason to settle down. If she's that busy I doubt she has any time for an exclusive relationship anyway.Be sure to undertand though that she has a busy schedule working and with school which are going to be a priorty. If you don't enjoy a person and care about them enough to see only that person - and that person only - that in the good ol' days meant you were a slut. Think about these to preserve what you have and improve what you might see as lacking. Also don't fall for the first girl that shows you attention. There are way too many things about her that you don't know yet.met this girl a few weeks ago, we've seemed to hit it off pretty well so far, have gone on a few dates, made out a few times, I even slept over once (actually slept, didn't have sex).Everything up until now has been great, she calls, IM's or txt's me sometimes, I do the same other times.

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