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The Town Hall Pharmacy The Tallinn Town Hall pharmacy is said to be the oldest pharmacy in Europe and has been operating from its current location from the day it first opened.

It currently sells modern pharmaceutical as well as old time souvenirs.

It has a small museum showcasing the remedies that were sold from this pharmacy in the 17th to 20th centuries.

Baltic Live Cam shows many interesting scenes via webcam Tallinn.

It can be seen on top of the tower on the Tallinn web camera online.

During the winter and the summer season there are plenty of happenings in Arosa!The picturesque view and beautiful, colorful medieval houses make it a tourist attraction.Each winter, the square turns into a magical Christmas Market with a great Christmas tree standing in the middle.The Old Thomas Vane The Tallinn Town Hall is the oldest town hall in the Baltic region and in Scandinavia.The Old Thomas vane on top of the 64 meter Town Hall tower was erected in 1530 and is one of the special symbols associated with Tallinn.

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