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Also, the component sub-files in GLOSSDIC are tagged, and the match function gives preference to entries in the following order (tags shown "EP", etc.): The reason the EDICT subset is used is so that the appropriate match is made when there are several readings of a jukugo, for example the "adult" compound will be matched against the word "otona" instead of the less common "dainin".

The full details of all the dictionary files are provided below.

Some of the dictionary files contain characters used in languages such as French, German, Russian, Sanskrit, etc., which are not available in the common JIS X 0208 character set.

These characters are coded in the extension set - JIS X 0212 - however most browsers cannot display these characters correctly in the default EUC-JP coding, and they are not available at all in Shift-JIS coding.

Please note that this server is intended for people who have studied some Japanese and who can read at least kana. WWWJDIC operates at several mirror sites around the globe. Check here for the location of the nearest mirror site.

Please appreciate that the function is somewhat crude and simplistic.

It can occasionally mis-parse long strings of kanji, so users are advised to examine the results carefully, especially where the text only partially matches the dictionary entry. A large amount of text will result in hundreds of dictionary searches, so the server may take a while to respond.

There is a front page for this function which uses frames so you can have the viewed page and WWWJDIC side-by-side.

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