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Mitchell infused each reading with extemporaneous speech devoted to broaching the Wabanaki worldview with that of the Central Maine public and reminding listeners of the initial relationship between the two cultures as recorded in the Phips Bounty Proclamation. In 1755, Spencer Phips, lieutenant governor of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, issued a proclamation that declared the Penobscot people enemies, rebels, and traitors to King George II, and called on all “his Majesty’s Subjects of this Province to Embrace all opportunities of pursuing, captivating, killing, and Destroying all and every of the aforesaid Indians.” Penobscot are part of the Wabanaki Confederacy.

The Phips Proclamation promised a bounty to be paid by the colonial government for every Penobscot Indian captured and brought to Boston.

Put another way, to foster community — while also sustaining the historic building in need of restoration — UUMH offers the building as a sheltering space for Central Mainers including Pittsfield, Newport, Detroit, Burnham, Canaan, St. But changing public perception about how an institution works is no easy task.

UUMH has sponsored several secular and non-denominational public events, concerts, workshops, and forums.

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UUMH will sponsor a Community Visioning Session Friday and Saturday, June 15 & 16 funded in part by the National Science Foundation.Shetterly spoke to the power of art, to courage, and the process he and the 8th grade Warsaw students engaged in together as they researched the International Declaration of Human Rights - another quasi-expeditionary brain child of Warsaw Middle School Humanities Teacher Caitlin Hutt and Science Teacher Autumn Pepin.Shetterly displayed several of his portraits and spoke specifically about his choice to paint Sherri offered listeners a path out of our contemporary socio-cultural imbalance and a glimpse into the wisdom of a woman whose family has lived here for 13,000 years., we enter the fictional world of farandolae that exist within mitochondria, the very real, but microscopic organelles referred to as the powerhouses of eukaryotic cells. Madeleine L’Engle, RIP, posits that if something microscopic affects the whole of a system, then, the individual act — one’s response and culminating action — affects the system in which that individual lives: the community.If what our mitochondria do within our bodies matters to human health, if what the network of mycorrhizal fungi do within the soil matters to the plants, then the way I treat my neighbor, or the language with which I choose to communicate, or my livelihood, or my willingness to engage in the hard work of social justice — all of these things matter.

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