Turkmen dating

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There are very few public awareness initiatives available to educate people on STI prevention and treatment.Most Turkmen believe HIV can only be transmitted through vaginal sex. Gays in Turkmenistan will continue to be a taboo subject in the foreseeable future.This problem will only worsen without reliable data and a focused educational campaign. There are no set gestures or signals for indicating interest, so men have to be extremely careful.

While the government does not report any HIV-positive cases, gay men and their families are especially at risk for sexually transmitted illnesses (STI) due to lack of information and support. (SBU) If government officials are to be believed, there are no gays in Turkmenistan. Even the Russian word for gay, "goluboi", remains taboo for polite conversation. Although it is impossible to determine the number of gay men in the country, locals report that they are finding partners with greater frequency and that numbers of gay men seeking partners is increasing. A man who has been with three different partners met them at Russian Bazaar, Amir Bazaar and on the bus.

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