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Why we love it: Through a series of interactive activities supported by enlightening anecdotes, this book lays out a path to independence, wholeness, and lasting happiness.bestseller is the story of a young Jewish woman who escapes the strict Satmar sect of Hasidic Judaism into which she was born.

It'll teach you to stop listening to your inner critic and empower yourself to live a more fulfilling life. Instead, it's like reading a book from a best friend who will tell you the honest truth on how to succeed — and not beat around the bush.BUY NOWEveryone's felt overwhelmed and unworthy at times, and author Rachel Hollis — founder of the lifestyle website The Chic — goes through all the lies we tell ourselves chapter by chapter, from insecurities to self-confidence destroyers.Why we love it: She's vulnerable, honest, and shares her own personal struggles to help other women grow as much as she has.BUY NOWThis novel about female empowerment and freedom (said to have launched a sexual revolution) tells the story of Isadora Wing, who while at a crossroads in her five-year marriage, ditches her husband during a European trip to find a man who can ignite unbridled passion in her.What she finds instead are life lessons on liberation and happiness.

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