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I think there are way more people using the website in the states than in Canada. My experience was that many men exaggerated their devotion to their religion, too, which obviously isn't helpful.

I also heard that if you pay for a membership to send people messages and they are just using the free capabilities of the website they won't get the message. And even there, some users are just looking for hookups. Not only is the app glitchy and poorly designed, it's a ghost town.

We are uniquely positioned in life to help others in our position and serve ( I volunteer at the church bookstore between services) and even if it is the story of my life, there are worse ways of living.

I just don't want to end up bitter, and I pray that God will keep what's left of my heart soft. Like a 4 year old would be ideal, will probably never remember a time when you weren't Dad.

I don’t think that makes you a monster, if it does than I am one too.

I didn't want the date to end so I did the first thing to come to mind, I sat on her lap so she couldn't go (don't do that is my advice, I don't know how it worked for me). I weeded through a lot of people that matched with me but weren't necessarily of the same denomination.The site went through a redesign a year or two ago and I haven’t made contact with a single person.You need to pay for membership to read and send messages, I feel that there are more people with free memberships than those who pay further restricting your chance of making a connection.Also met my wife on Ok Cupid, as did one of my best friends! Did long distance for 2 years till we got married and she moved to TN. I'm a pastor so that was a pretty big deal to me. Overall a good experience, but it's not perfect.Pretty soon I was matched with a pretty girl and it turned out we had mutual friends. I hadn't tried any other dating sites but I imagine it's a lot of the same, just not with the "Christian" tag on it. Being female on any dating site is an interesting experience.

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    There are more Irish singles than ever out there, but finding ‘the one’ has never been trickier.