Superficial talk during dating

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Think of what you yourself are interested in and what interests you in others.You probably want to reveal something about the personality; great types of questions are those starting with "what would you do if...".Most of this is highly unlikely, of course, and if the other person decides you are not to their taste, you are just going have to take it on the chin.If you go in expecting the worst, it’s hardly conducive to favourable developments.Remember you are at the speed dating to have fun, meet new people and have a pleasant chit chat; everything else will spring out from that.Don't forget that the non-verbal communication plays maybe even a bigger role in choosing next potential date than the verbal one.Remember that any anxieties stem from pessmistic thoughts on your part - in this kind of situation all of us tend to think of what could go wrong ...

People are usually interested in what they have to say, so try contributing to the given topic as best as you can.So put your prejudices aside and see smalltalk for what it is: a great way of striking up an acquaintance.There’s no need to learn poems or lines to make sure you have something suitable to say, but you do need to go into your date with a positive attitude.Your body language is also important: turn towards him or her, which expresses openness and receptivity.And, if everything has gone well and, as with millions of couples before you, discussion about the weather has helped lead to some kind of personal connection, you can maybe introduce your thoughts on Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams - without creating a nightmare for your date!

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