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It was owned by several entities, from Michael Carter of Passions Network Inc.

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Please visit, especially if you've decided to set your spirit free, and date outside of your known religion. Adventists * Astrological and Love Cards * Agnostics, Atheists, Skeptics * Arab and Muslim * Buddhist * Catholic * Christian * Unique, Handicapable, Physical and Mental Specialness and Challenges * Hindu/Asian/Indian/Pakistani/ and Sikh * Jewish * Later Day Saints/Mormons * Ages Specific * Health/Fitness * Outside USA * General Spiritual Dating Sites * Large General Dating Sites with Spiritual Searches * Native American * Vegetarian and Green/Eco Living * Wiccan Because of my understanding of reincarnation, I do not completely connect with the often held concept of "soul-mates" or "twin flames" as an infinitely lasting relationship.

That is a hard concept to fathom, considering that we might have thousands of lifetimes to live as continued spirits, and we wouldn't learn as much if we were always with the same people.

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