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That was one of my deepest fears in quitting -- thinking I would somehow lose my "edge." But the opposite happened.

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My hair was brittle, my skin was yellow and despite my steal collection of haute couture fragrances -- I perpetually reeked of a stale ashtray. I paid 0 for the Allen Carr “Easy Way To Stop Smoking” one-day clinic, and 24 hours afterward, I never, ever picked up a cigarette again (I highly recommend either reading Allen Carr’s book or taking the clinic -- it’s genius and probably saved my life.).

I dutifully willed the universe to What was it about that little gamine Brit drenched in dirt that made her look so fierce to my impressionable adolescent eyes?

Oh, the cigarette pressed between her long, lithe fingers, naturally. I went from being an unsure, insecure, teenage girl to a sophisticated, jaded, tough chick with a PAST within one lone puff of a cigarette.

All the aforementioned positives were AMAZING -- but I was shocked to see how the following unexpected areas of my life improved when I finally pulled the trigger and set myself free of my addiction: Being a "smoker" had been rooted into my identity for so long.

Who was I without a cigarette hanging out my red-lipsticked mouth?

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