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As for advice for others:"If there's something that you want to do," he says, "there's always a way to do it."Theresa Woods is a graduate of the University of South Florida, freelance writer and literature nerd living in Tampa. In her spare time, she writes, contemplates her place in the universe and enjoys being an all-purpose geek with her friends. Strong College Students boasts over 3,000 moves, offers both local and long-distance services and offers scholarships for its employees."We've grown significantly," says Robinson, who started the company six years ago working out of a USF dorm room."When we started out, it was me and a college roommate and a fraternity brother of mine."The business, which was started as simply a moving-labor company, didn't even have equipment in its first few years."We had to get really creative," says Robinson about finding funding as the business began to grow.

It will fill a gap in the local market, he says, and will turn a hobby into a business."I've seen the success you can have when you have a passion -- something you enjoy and can do on a day-to-day basis."Outside of business, Robinson enjoys focusing on community service.

One of the largest contracts the company has is with the University of South Florida.

Robinson's network with the Alumni Association and athletics department, which Strong College Students sponsors, lead him to the opportunity to bid on the contract for all moves conducted on campus."When I went to the meeting there were several companies there," Robinson says, citing the failing economy in 2008 for the increased competition for corporate contracts in the moving industry.

"There is always something else to move forward for.

Strong College Students is a stepping stone to get me where I want to be." So what does Robinson see himself stepping into?

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