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These new invaders likewise left numerous traces of their stay, and two different periods may be easily distinguished from their remains.They were acquainted with iron, and learned from their subjects the art of bronze casting, which they used for decorative purposes only. Their pottery is more artistic and of a higher quality than that of the Bronze Age.This was also aided by the discovery and exploitation of vast reserves of Siberian mineral resources.According to Vasily Radlov, among the earliest inhabitants of Central Siberia were the Yeniseians, who spoke a language different from the later Uralic and Turkic people.

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The Mongols had long maintained relations with the people of the Siberian forest (taiga).Genghis created a settlement of Chinese craftsmen and farmers at Kem-kemchik after the first phase of the Mongol conquest of the Jin dynasty.The Great Khans favored gyrfalcons, furs, women and Kyrgyz horses for tribute. The descendants of Orda Khan, the eldest son of Jochi, directly ruled the area.Iron was unknown to them, but they excelled in bronze, silver, and gold work.Their bronze ornaments and implements, often polished, evince considerable artistic taste.

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