Radiocarbon dating laboratories

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From its first radiocarbon measurement in 1951 to the installation of a new compact AMS in 2010 this facility has been at the forefront of radiocarbon analysis. We provide a full radiocarbon dating service for research and commercial clients worldwide.In just the past 10 years over 25,000 samples have been measured from clients in New Zealand and throughout the world.Laboratory staff members have several decades of collective experience in radiocarbon dating, thus ensuring good continuity of the quality of the analytical service.Every effort is made to provide a very personal service and most submitters are now well known to the Radiocarbon Laboratory staff. Laboratory personnel are always on hand to provide advice on any aspects of the dating technique.

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The C laboratory of KIK-IRPA carries out datings for archeology, art history and geology, both for Belgian researchers and for abroad.

In other words, the radiocarbon dating method measures how much of radiocarbon is still present.

The amount is then compared to the initial quantity of carbon 14, and, thanks to the half-life, the age of the object is calculated.

Their prices are 5 results delivered electronically in a week.

Their are also many university labs around the world that do that.

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