One on one sax chat with amber

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Already announced for 2018, the band will perform at the sold-out Manchester Punk Festival this April and have picked up spring supports with the likes of Martha and Louise Distras….AND there are rumours of more exciting summer announcements to come!Within one year of performing together they were invited to perform at Glastonbury’s Sisterhood stage – the first women-only venue at the festival.Their first EP, DIY was released in April 2016 with a handmade zine and enjoyed immediate attention from Dazed and Confused.The album invites endless interpretations – or simply emotional and physical reactions of joy, loss and acceptance.The result is a dazzling debut, full of swirling, steely songs, from an exceptional new talent.BSP’s debut album, The Decline Of British Sea Power, swings boldly from 30-second choral swoons to the 14-minute epic Lately.Since then, they’ve released a series of wildly imaginative albums, including sweeping film instrumentals, neat electronic pop, epic brass band collaborations, and celebratory odes to Eastern European migration.

In 2017 they completed their first tour of the UK, supported The Districts, Petrol Girls, PINS amongst others and launched their debut EP on their own record label.

BOYRACER Born from the largely fictitious “Wetherby scene” of the early ‘90s, Boyracer to date has released over 800 commercially physically available songs and have remained enthusiastic flag-wavers for many indie and punk labels from all over the globe.

They have played a major part of the Sarah Records, A Turntable Friend and Slumberland records history through their incredible fiery pop blasts such as “I’ve Got It and it’s Not Worth Having”, “He Gets Me So Hard” and “A Friend for life”.

Recorded at Strange Weather Studio in New York with producer Ben Greenberg, Fading Lines, was inspired by time, continuity, coincidence and magic, as well as an artist’s plans for a utopian city.

Although that sounds pretty dreamy, De Graaf’s dreams are not the whimsical kind as they have led to her working as a legal aide on UN war crime tribunals (she currently works in human rights law with people leaving Syria), to inviting strangers to share her Utrecht squat (which led to a friendship and to her signing to Heavenly), and to spending her life savings on a flight to New York to record her debut album.

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