Nia long larenz tate dating

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Casting director Robi Reed played an instrumental role in bringing on Lisa Nicole Carson, Isaiah Washington and Bill Bellamy.

But the film was largely contingent on Tate’s casting.

“I always say that this film was before its time,” Long noted.

Nia Long, who recently costarred opposite William Shatner, Candice Bergen and James Spader in the acclaimed ABC drama Boston Legal, is having a girl moment.

”From across the room, her longtime girlfriend CBS Paramount TV exec Abra Potkin laughs. ” The figure, it turns out, is closer to 150, each pair lovingly arranged in a floor-to-ceiling closet in the corner of Long’s airy bedroom.

Shoes, Long says, are her passion, falling somewhere on the list below her career, her girlfriends, her son and God.

After dinner, my son’s father (to whom Long was previously engaged; the couple broke up when their son was a toddler) needed to pick him up, so I told him to meet me.

Really, I had no intention of introducing him to my friend right then, because my life is my business.

Essence: Last summer everyone was talking about how you were involved in an ugly scuffle at The Grove, an upscale shopping mall in Los Angeles. It was all over the radio and it was really blown out of proportion. But I want to get this straight: It wasn’t my fault. It was one man’s ego against another man’s pride. Essence: But how do two grown men start fighting at a mall?

Dressed in gray leggings, she’s curled, kittenlike, in the corner of her overstuffed sofa, in front of a fire, sipping red wine and estimating the number of pairs of shoes she owns.

“Umm,” she says, squinting her eyes, “I guess, 60?

Theodore Witcher’s film portrays Nia Long (as Nina Mosley) and Larenz Tate (as Darius Lovehall) in the African-American love story that had been missing from the mainstream media.

“We look back and realize this stereotype-breaking, genre-redefining cult classic delivered a powerful message—without a lecture,” Boone Isaacs added.

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