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Her mother worked at a brothel on Falkland Road, and at least once a week Shabnam missed school because her mother didn’t wake up to walk her to the bus stop.

One day in July of 2009, Shabnam came to class in a sleeveless orange T-shirt and gray shorts.

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When she grinned — her response to frequent mistakes in math homework — she revealed a large gap between her two front teeth.And then a synthetic black one that would dry quickly if it got wet in the monsoon.Or the flowing blue khameez with a geometric pattern of overlapping diamonds that belonged to my grandmother.The western state of Maharashtra, India's second most populous state with Mumbai as its capital, has for years been a major destination of sex trafficking victims who are lured with the promise of jobs but sold into sex slavery or domestic servitude.Campaigners said this was the one of the first times India had addressed the issue publicly, gathering representatives from other Indian states and countries to learn about their strategies to combat trafficking.

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