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The Metro Stations are considered "underground museums" and are well worth exploring (makes for a great casual date).

There are also excellent walking tours such as Tverskaya Street or the Central Squares, where you will see famous skyscrapers, museums, theaters and churches.

The nightlife in Moscow is abundant with numerous clubs featuring music and dancing to satisfy any taste.

There are thousands of restaurants competing for your interest, serving up various culinary delights.

There are the old favorites, such as Red Square, the Kremlin, and Lenin's Mausoleum; however, Moscow offers so much more.

Simply taking the Metro in Moscow is an adventure in itself.

Among dozens, no, even hundreds of his matches there were only a few profiles that he finally opened to say “hello.”There are too many attractive young women in Moscow – to a guy it would probably takea couple of weeks to make simple contact () with each of his matches on Tinder, but in Moscow, as you know, every minute counts.

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