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“Godard Mon Amour,” the latest offering from the pasticheur Michel Hazanavicius (“The Artist,” “OSS: 117”), chronicles an eventful year or so in the life of the cineaste Jean-Luc Godard. Godard — who is now 87 and whose latest film, “Le Livre d’Image,” will be in Cannes next month — is reported to have called it a “stupid, stupid idea.” Au contraire! But you don’t need to have strong feelings about Godard to notice the off flavors in this airy, brightly colored macaron.

Occasionally, amid the chanting and banner waving, a fan will approach to praise Godard’s early-60s movies like “Breathless” and “Contempt.” The devolution of the director’s response from awkward politeness to outright nastiness is a sign of his creative, ideological and emotional crisis.She marries him and gladly takes on the role of muse and erotic ideal, finding his grumpiness charming and his intelligence very sexy.Godard’s charisma is made plausible partly by the fact that he is played by Louis Garrel, whose casting is a bit of a French film in-joke. Garrel’s father, Philippe, is a director who has been called “the child of Cocteau and Godard.”) Mr.After the two of them reconcile, Liv is persuaded by Maddie to stay with her. At the party, Maddie tells Diggie to be kind to her, but mistakes Diggie and South's friendliness for flirting.Eventually in "Coach-a-Rooney", Liv and Holden finally became a romantic couple after Andie assured Liv that she no longer possessed any romantic feelings for him.

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