Is interracial dating dangerous

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The old rules are no longer valid; anything could happen. m/m/f 4,700 words In the late 70's, sexual freedom was the norm; bed hopping and swapping, sharing fluid without condoms...

Adam is an American hippie boy in Spain, trying to find his place in this sexual and emotional malstrom, where his mother's friends are willing and the only girl his age belongs to his best friend.

Thanks, Ace When her husband is jailed for 5 years, she wants to be there for him; but she has needs that every man on the outside is willing to fill.

Harvey lives for his wife's detailed accounts of her busy sex life, hoping she'll still be his when he's released.

Here's why that is essential to gain users' trust—at least for now.She ended up doing much more than talking with the mover.; 15,000 words, M/F, M/F, cheating, voyeurism, older/younger, interracial, etc. The young lovers get mixed up with an older couple. A tortured romance; a wealthy English man seduces a young Thai woman, and takes her home. It isn't necessarily always nice, but it could be very erotic.Even as Jimmy enjoys himself sexually, he worries about the health of his marriage... 5300 words M/F interracial romance I hope "Romance" doesn't mean "Boring". My narrator is stuck in the elevator for hours with his new boss.It's often difficult to feel inspired to do the grunge work of finishing a story for the web and keeping the pages up to date; mail from readers is what I need for this.I get about 1 letter for every 1000 downloads; that's a pretty low yield, people.

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