Is chelsea handler still dating andre balazs

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That’s nothing to sneeze at when you consider the restaurant serves upward of 1,000 people a day.

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The chickens usually sell out in a couple days, Silverman says.

Or is this just another smart business move rooted in the farm-to-table zeitgeist? But his agrarian vision extends beyond personal profit.

This summer, along with business partner James Truman, the former editorial director of Conde Nast, he announced the creation of a new 10-acre organic farm at Mills-Norrie State Park, which borders Locusts-on-Hudson.

Handsome hotelier Andre Balazs is standing in a field surrounded by chickens, looking very much the gentleman clad in tweed, cashmere and rubber wellies.

He protectively clutches a bunny rabbit in the crook of his elbow as a cow looks on approvingly.

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