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Last year, a woman, Helen Millard, died after being found hanging in a psychiatric ward bathroom.

An inquest this week reported that when she had first been admitted, she was under constant observation.

They then had to rate her presenting problems and prognosis.

A third were just given her presenting problems, a third were given this plus a description consistent with 'BPD' and a further third that and the label 'past PD'.

But on this day, she was able to spend thirty minutes in a bathroom alone, unchecked, despite staff knowing she had been tying ligatures around her neck up to four times per day.

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This matters not least as our sense of ourselves is constantly being constituted through how others experience and react to us, which we absorb and take in.

We can be capable, surely, of recognising that problems lie on a continuum, and that someone can deserve support, care, and treatment for a writ large manifestation of the dynamics of hate, love, rage, destruction and manipulation present in all of us.

Perhaps even more so if we can truly acknowledge the consistent association between childhood abuse, neglect and trauma with this most problematic of labels.

We cannot claim that society has a greater mental health awareness, a new understanding of the extent of sexual abuse, when we tolerate traumatised individuals being morally judged, ignored and rejected for manifesting the sequelae of their distress in acute wards and mental health services up and down the country.

I intended to end this piece, by writing: 'For Helen, it is too late. But I have just been alerted to news of the death of another young woman, Victoria Halliday, her experiences also invalidated via the label of 'personality disorder'.

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