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Bookmark this page, or print it out, and refer to it for inspiration each day you need it throughout 2015.Share it with anyone you know who could use some inspiration, any and every day.With a new year nearly upon us, it's a great time to get inspired about the future, your vision, your goals and executing on those goals.I'm so grateful for all of the inspiration I've gotten from leaders, writers and thinkers through the years.Its all because of you my love.” 5.“ I didn’t know the meaning of love, when I met you, I got the real meaning of love.” 6.“I promise you to give everything in life, for which I would never give up.” 7.“I want to know about your likes and dislikes which will bring us close to each other.” 8.“I will not make this date our last date of life, because I want to spend more time with you to love you for whole life.” 9.“On this date I expect that you would be the man to whom I want to spend my whole life.” 10.“You are my first and last love, I feel myself very happy when I met you.” 11.“I want to love and kiss you under the thousand of stars in the night.” 12.“I wish that I get my love on my dating days and want to make relationship with that person.” 13.“This is the truth that I love you so much and there are things which make me crazy for you.” 14.“It doesn’t matter that you will change later on as I just know that I accepted you and love you my dear.” 15.“I enjoy every time I date with you my love, because of your smile, style and the way you talk to me.” 16.“My life is incomplete without you.So I wanted to share my favorite, most inspiring quotes with you.Below are more than 365 quotes in a wide range of topics from some of the greatest leaders, writers and thinkers of all time.

I think I’ve found someone who I can fall madly in love with.” “Soulmate. Your name brings butterflies to my stomach, and when you walk into a room my heart speeds up.

You have probably watched romantic movies such as The Notebook, Titanic and Beauty and the Beast and wondered if you could be as romantic as the men in those movies.

Well, if there is one thing that most of the greatest romantic movies have shown, it is that girls are more taken by the simple things than they are by excessively big gestures of love.

This is the result thinking you every moment of my life.” 81.“Your love is commencement of my life, it leads me to the endless happiness.” 82.“Loving you is the best feeling for me, I never feel alone when I am with you.” 83.“My love has no boundaries, it has no depth for you.” 84.“If I got a chance to take last breath of my life, then I would like to take by saying you I love you.” 85.“I don’t have time to thinking that who hate me in my life, because I am busy to loving you.” 86.“I don’t want to be right in life if loving you is the wrong thing.” 87.“Your love is war for me as I don’t know how to start, hard to varnish and unbearable to forget.” 88.“Your smiles filled up joy in my world when you open the window in my heart.” 89.“When I will start loving you, you will forget the word hate, cause you will always remember only my love.” 90.“Your love awakens my soul, fire in my hearts and give peace of my mind.” 91.“You are my best friend, my dairy and whole world for me, I love you.” 92.“I feel to be with you for rest of my life, and I am very curious to live that rest life as soon as possible.” 93.

“My love is unconditional, endless, pure, and peaceful for whole of your life.” 94.“Lets live together and love to each other for the rest of our life.” 95.“I love you in all way doesn’t matter if your personality consist imperfection, mistakes and flaws.” 96.“My love is hard to say in words sometimes, but it’s really a feeling that make me crazy for you.” 97.“When you are with me I feel strong, and safe, that means you are the right man for me.” 98.“I want to love you with full of madness and craziness.” 99.“There is only one page left to write of my life, which will complete when you will fill it with your unconditional love.” 100.“My love will make your soul crawl out from the hiding place.” Conclusion: When you date someone, you can impress with chocolates, gifts and present some poetry, but the words you say are most important part of your dating.

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