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It is thought he was a s/o Edward Sweeting, who died prior to 25 June 1716 when his widow, Mary sold some of their holdings. There is a Robert Sweeton in CAPT Isbel's District of Wilkes County, North Carolina in the state census of 1784-1787. This was bequeathed to sons Dutton, Richard and Samuel. Notes for Joseph Heathcote: HEATHCOTE, JOSEPH (2), heir of Nathaniel (1), but rel. Some of the other bequests are in the thousands of pounds, so this John Lane must have been a London grocer of some means.

Paul Protestant Episcopal Church, Baltimore, Maryland. Edward was living in Rutherford County, North Carolina in 1790. Sarah Lane, d/o Dutton Lane = Pretiosa Tydings in Baltimore Co., MD. 1705 in Baltimore, Maryland; died in North Carolina. By 1787 Robert and Sarah were residing in Wilkes County, North Carolina. The earliest records of Hopewell Meeting have been lost, with the exception of a few items: "At our Monthly Meeting of Hopewell at Opeckon the fourth day of the Second month A. Lane's Triangle was a 300 acre tract he had received from the colony in 1699. to Alice Lane widow (mother of the said “Captain John Lane my cousin” 5100 (sic).” To other cousins he leaves various properties in Hereford, confirming his origin from that city.

This site's creation became the impetus for the founding of the National Historic Trust. This of course is Alice Lane, widow of Richard Lane of Isle of Providence, and mother of ‘our’ Samuel.

It's still preserved at the Hampton National Historic Site, which is easily accessible from exits 27 and 28 on the Baltimore County Beltway (I-695). We also have the will of Alice Lane, widow (drawn August 22, 1678; proved October 22, 1678).

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this 7th Day of February A. Lane and wife Pretiosa sold Thomas Hooker and Richard Gist their share of New Year's Purchase; Dutton died leaving a will, - 8 October 1716, naming wife Pretiosa as exectrix, sons Dutton, Richard, and Samuel (to have Lane's Triangle), and daughters Margaret and Sarah (to have Hampton Court). Sir Samuel, “was named executor under the will of Captain John Smith, who was concerned in the settlement of Virginia.” If Charles Saltingstone was the first husband of the above Elizabeth Lane, we was surely much older than she; however, it looks as if both of Elizabeth’s husbands were adventurous mariners.

Appointing William TUGMAN and my wife, Else, Executors of this my last Will and Testament, hereby Revoking all Wills by me made. Signed and published and declared by the above-named Thomas HOLMAN to be his last Will and Testament in the presents of us who, at his Request and in his presents, have hereunto set our names as witnesses to the same. To his 3 sons, Dutton, Richard and Samuel, the Will left "Lane’s Triangle" and to 2 daughters Margaret and Sarah, "Hampton Court". after the 1716 Will), possibly a daughter Charity and others not traced." (1) On Lane sold all his personal estate to Benjamin Hooker; on 15 January 1708/09. Sir Samuel died June 30, 1640, and one of his sons was Charles Saltonstall.

1779 in North Carolina; married Ruth Trotten June 06, 1756 in Baltimore, Maryland. The hill top mansion his son and grandson constructed there, with a huge fortune gathered by the enterprising Ridgely's during the American Revolution, was one of the superlative examples of late Georgian architecture in this country. to Alice Lane, late wife of my brother Richard Lane, deceaced, all my lands in the parish of Kingston County, Hereford.

The Sweetings went to Virginia in the 1740’s, probably with the family of Richard Lane." (1) Sources for this information are:====================================================== (1) Kenyon Stevenson & A. Edward Sweeting, born October 23, 1732 in Baltimore, Maryland; died Bef. Ridgely combined this purchase with two others to form the nucleus of a plantation that would in five decades become one of the most ambitious industrial and agricultural undertakings in the young United States. In addition to many bequests he left, ‘to John and Mary, children of my brother Richard Lane, deceaced 10£ each...

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Notes for Luke Trotten: From Baltimore County Families, 1659-1759, by R. The earliest record of a Trotten in Dundalk, Maryland was Luke Trotten who, in 1719, was the administrator of the estate of John Dourant and Samuel Heathcote. His last wife was Elizabeth Body (nee Long) who had also been married twice before (life was short in those days and nobody wasted time dating). #1.310.1.1683.102] Individual: Sweeting, Edward County/State: Baltimore Co., MD Location: N Side Patapsco Year: 1706 Census type code: Tax List Notes for Mary Elizabeth Ebden: " In 1725 Richard Marchant, weaver,and Mary, his wife, deed to Samuel Harrison all that tract or parcel of land called Johns Interest, lying on the south side of Back Rr., being a part of a greater tract of land called Todds Range, surveyed in 1669 for Capt. in the Opeqon area near Mill Creek, close to the Village of Hopewell. It was not uncommon for planters to overextend themselves in those heady days or to incur financial difficulty because of the incompetence or dishonesty of their factors (business agents) in London. Notes for Martha Morgan: Sep 1693, Martha was , extx. John Lane, the testator, and Samuel Lane, the legatte, were double first cousins, their fathers John Lane (1594-1654) and Richard Lane of the Isle of Providence (born 1596) being brothers; their mothers were sisters: Anna (Hanna) Carter and Alice Carter , both daughters of Humphry Carter (will proved June 1, 1621). Edward was a bondsman in Clay County, Kentucky for a time. Thomas HOLDMAN, Jesse ELLITT, amounting to 4.49 ... A William Elliott is in this same district with 25 acres. After he worked off his debts, he became a land owner. Thomas Tugman Notes for Thomas Tugman: Individual: Tugman, Thomas County/State: Wilkes Co., NC Page #: 123 Year: 1790 Age ranges in household: 01-02-02-00-00[ Individual: Thurmond, Thomas County/State: Wilkes Co., NC Page #: 123 Year: 1790 Age ranges in household: 01-05-03-00-00 ii. 1750 - 1755 in Probably Virginia; died in Kentucky. He has one male of 21 and one male under 21 and two females. Richard, their third son, was the father of Tydings (Tidence) Lane who first migrated to Virginia and subsequently to Jefferson County, Tennessee, where he established the first permanent Baptist Church in that state. Another church record of All Hallows reads, “4 September 1678 was buried Mrs. Denn’s former wife’s mother, she was buried upon her daughter, Mr. signed: George STIVERS, Jesse ELLITT, Edward TUGMAN. He first appears on the Wilkes County, North Carolina tax list in Captian Brown's District in 1787 with 50 acres. to be a slave after stealing a pitch fork and a pig iron. Dutton first shows up in Wlikes County in the 1782 tax listand in CAPT Isbel's District of Wilkes County, North Carolina in the state census of 1784-1787. Nancy Jane Sweeten, born June 21, 1801 in Sweeten's Cove, Tennessee; died March 23, 1890 in Webster Parish, Louisianna; married Joel Waters March 31, 1813 in Clay County, Kentucky. Dutton and Pretitia raised four sons and three daughters. Joseph Heathcote, born May 30, 1660 in Derby, Derby, England; died Bef. To my son (son-in-law) William Denne 25£ for mourning for himself his wife and children, if they come to my funeral.” William Denn’s wife at this time was a second wife name Mary, his first wife, Mary Lane, having been buried on July 28, 1674, at All Hallows, Bread Street. I allow my beloved wife to hold all and singular my Chattle property to her death or Marriage and then to be divided equally among my children. BROWN, Jurat North Carolina Wilkes County April Term 1833 The foregoing Will was duly proven in open court by the oath of Willliam B. Young, "Clay County, Kentucky Deed Book A, B, and C Abstracts 1806-1848 and Clay County, Kentucky Court Order Book B 1815-1832", (Western Heraldry Org.; Library of Congress #75-18039), page 60-61, cites page 121, Sale bill of goods and chattels of Charles HOUSE dec’d complete list with prices paid given with purchasers of various items being: ... Dutton and "Pretisoca" (so spelled in Will) had 6 and perhaps more children. Sir Samuel married Elizabeth, the daughter of William Wye. Sweeten March 16, 1790 in Wilkes County, North Carolina. Children of Edward Tugman and Sarah Sweeten are: i. And, furthermore, my wife and Joseph pay (out) of my Chattle property to Milly, ; and to Surana DAVIS, 50 cents; and to Vienna, . May 31, 1821 in Clay county KY Compiled by Florence Nelson Young and Virgil D. In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this 7th Day of February A. Dutton made Will May 21, 1716, but lived another 10 years, Will being probated October 8, 1726. Sarah "Sary" Lane, born 1705 in Baltimore, Maryland; died in Pittsyvania, Virginia; married Robert Sweeting December 05, 1731 in Baltimore, Maryland. Note her children’s names were Charles Saltonstall and Elizabeth Saltonstall. Botolph - without Algate burial register we find: “Buried 1665 October 6 Charles Saltingstone, Towerhill, Precinct.” Furthermore, from The Records of The Virginia Company of London, we find: “1617 March 4 A Bill of Adventure granted to S. Saltingston.” This Sir Samuel is undoubtedly Sir Samuel Saltonstall, Knight, son of Richard.

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