Guys seeking guys casual relationships friends dating london

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Here’s your guide to dating in foggy Londontown, home to 7.3 million people. Pony Up London is a place to drop some serious quid.Expect to spend at least £100 to £150 for dinner for two (with wine) and tickets to a concert or play.And if you’re thinking of trying a cutting-edge hairstyle, go for it. Eat Like Royalty Despite England’s reputation for culinary mediocrity, London is home to some world-class restaurants.

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Below, you’ll have an opportunity to give us your tips for dating in London, so let us know what you think! Walk down the streets of London and you’ll find a mix of diversity, culture and strange haircuts as in no other city.

If you’re woodsy types, then head to Richmond Park and take bets on how many deer you’ll see.

The loser has to pay for ice cream at the park’s Roehampton Cafe. Mix it Up Tolerance is the buzzword, so don’t be shy about asking out someone of a different race or religion.

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