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The variations are due to the fact that the only source, the does not give precise dates but rather uses round figures (e.g., “In this way three hundred years, more or less, elapsed … In this way seven hundred years passed by …,” states that it was written down in 1600, based on oral tradition and it must therefore be used with due caution and appropriate allowances as a historical source, given the way it was composed and transmitted (Stausberg, 2002, I, pp. The account of the exodus begins by describing how a group of devout Zoroastrians in Persia went into hiding in the mountains during a time of fierce Islamic persecution.

The is, however, important as an indicator of the Parsis’ own perception of their settlement in India.

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The outlines the common Parsi perception of the pattern of their settlement in western India.We do not have a precise date when these agreements were reached.The oldest manuscript detailing them is dated 1543 (Sanjana, pp. The Panthaks were: (1) Sanjān between the rivers Pardi to Dahanu (nowadays based in Udwada); (2) Navsari between the rivers Pardi to Variav and the River Tapti; (3) Godavra, from Variav to River Narmada near Broach; (4) Pahruc from Ankleshwar to Cambay; and (5) Cambay.Various Parsi scholars have attempted to identify this invasion with known external history, but with no clear conclusion (S. Because the route to Bansda was impassable during monsoons, Irān-šāh was eventually moved to Navsari at the behest of a legendary leader, Chāngā Āsā. The sea-borne trade between western India and the Persian Gulf (and to East Africa and China) dated back centuries (Kearney).The Parsi migrants were not therefore venturing into unknown territory, but to a region with which Iranians had long traded.

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