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The web site work better and more reliably, this app is a waste of storage Like it says above, app constantly crashes, especially when using the messenger.Also, it's very difficult to navigate between different sections of the app and to find specific comments, etc.I stayed on my taskbar, showing that it remained open. It doesn't stay open long enough for me to hit any buttons, so troubleshooting while it's open is not an option.I'm pretty shocked as to how much memory this app is using now and most of the time it doesn't even send notifications to the Windows 10 Action Center anymore like it used to.Don't ever try to look at a gif or picture that someone sent you on messenger, or it'll crash. It closes before it opens on my hp laptop with windows 10. Till then I've emailed you this one with an attachment showing where you can stick it.

And now it gets worse, mangling statuses and post when you edit them, not allowing linefeeds in post text, etc.I'll get random ones but I have to constantly start and close the app to get it to work again and if I'm lucky I might get a few hours worth of notifications out of it before it quits again.I'm pretty much sticking to using my browser for now because of this.The list of things that are captured, logged and recorded is so long it almost makes no sense. Ardamax Keylogger is a small, easy-to-use keylogger that captures users activity and saves it to a logfile. Use this tool to find out what is happening on your computer while your away.Computers can be useful tools for entertainment, education, and communication but in the wrong hands they can be dangerous. Teenagers can provide inappropriate information on their social networking profiles.

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