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Even if you want to tell them what you want, tell them what ‘things’ you want to do to them. It is easy to approach men for sex but with ladies, you need to be careful and make the right move to get the casual sex date fixed for sure.That’s where things like smartness and cockiness come in.After all, who would want to spend discreet sex time with a person with no class.

He is not always what his profile, Google or Facebook says he is.

You won’t need to do the “front porch test” to a person you’re just “casually dating” anyway, right? Organizing a serious date for the first time takes quite a lot of effort.

So there you have it, be safe, be discrete, do not expect and just enjoy the ride! After all, you really like the person and would like to make that person happy while spending the rest of your life or a part of it with them.

Oh, and this is purely common sense but just as a reminder, safe sex is sacred!

Casual dating wouldn’t be so casual with a pregnancy complication (or an STD scare), would it?

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    But a woman like that won’t be with just anyone, so you need to realize that if you actually DO succeed in winning her over, dating her long-term or even hooking up with her short-term will be a constant roller-coaster of emotions, because she’s just that type of person - a mentally strong woman who likes drama, emotions and men of exceptional mental strength and well-developed personalities who can handle all of that.

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