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He said that he hated the idea that people at shows would feel pressured to give him a lot of phony baloney. He rarely mentions his older brother or younger sister, but they all lived in very close quarters in the apartment where he spent his entire youth.

He also explained how deep his investment in the work was. Right from the get-go, Klein saw what it meant to work hard.

When Calvin Klein sold his business, five years ago, he stepped off a four-decade juggernaut that harnessed obsessive perfectionism to a gut understanding of what the American body wanted. How wrong I was.” Klein’s daughter, Marci, a TV producer, couldn’t imagine her father without his label.

Our first taped session took place in Southampton at his large, turreted Gothic mansion, which sits on one of the best sites on Long Island, facing both the ocean and Shinnecock Bay.I’ve known him well for about 6 years, and casually for 12 years before that, and I can just picture him playing the scene over and over in his head the next day, torturing himself.Fortunately, it wasn’t long before he was out of the public eye and far from the madding crowd, just another human being who fucked up, the way we all do, trying to put himself back together in the safety of rehab at the Meadows, a clinic in Arizona. There were “morning after” phone calls among insiders reporting of antics, kept just among friends out of protection and love for him. It had become obvious to his intimates that Klein was once again battling demons that he had first wrestled down in the late 80s.

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