Excel saga dating sim

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Grisaia no Kajitsu (18 )Kono Sora (18 with patch)Rewrite (All-ages)None of these are really romance based, but they do include it extensively.These are all plot-based, and that's pretty much required for me to say that a VN is among the best. I'll tell you if you're really curious, but then again, you might like it since you liked Hunie Pop.Excel and Hyatt run into a little girl named Hiyako who they have to ditch because she's being chased by mysterious men in black. Excel and Hyatt sale Ramen at the Cherry Festival where Kabapu and his subordinates are attending.Sumiyoshi reveals to his friends he collects dating sims.You say you want something interactive, and I honestly don't know of many VNs that are truly interactive.

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Il Palazzo's strange habits continue and Matsuya lies for the team to avoid them returning to the sewers.Kabapu hires Iwata, Sumiyoshi and Watanabe into his staff and later Misaki Matsuya who joins them at a training retreat.This includes sentai suits and prototype laser guns.All the while Excel and Hyatt trade time between working part time jobs and doing missions for Il Palazzo. From working on a mayoral campaign to trying to sign people to cell phone contracts.The two also go undercover at a hospital to report to Il Palazzo about the state of health care in the city. Kabapu sends his team into the sewer to search out "suspicious things" and they are met with weird happenings such as falling cage doors and gushes of water.

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