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Hite was not willing to allow officials to check on the animals’ health but said she would take Bauer to the residence when she was released from jail the next day.However, Mueller gave county law enforcement officers permission to inspect the animals’ health and take whichever ones they felt needed to be surrendered.He performs on the Smack Down brand under the ring name Rowan (shortened from his previous ring name Erick Rowan) and is part of the tag team The Bludgeon Brothers with Harper.Currently, they hold the Smack Down Tag Team Championship.Mueller told a detective from the Eau Claire County sheriff’s office that Hite rescues dogs and works with them to make them less aggressive.He said she had received dogs from various parts of the United States.Detectives and deputies observed dogs tied to trees with no shelter, food or water bowls, dogs being housed in vehicles with the windows down just low enough to keep the animals from being able to get out, and dogs in a small shed with no water or food and no windows for fresh air or light.They saw several horses that were tied to trees and unable to move because the straps were tangled up and that didn’t have food or water readily available to them or shelter other than the trees they were tied to.

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In addition, we’ve tried to make a note of any themes that some may find offensive, such as racial violence, misogyny, and so forth, even if a given film may have great artistic or socio-political value.She also encouraged anyone with concerns about how an animal is being housed to report them to either their local humane association or an American professional wrestler signed to WWE.He is a one-time NXT Tag Team Champion with Wyatt Family teammate Luke Harper. His family is Norwegian, and emigrated from Nannestad, Norway.Ruud is a trained guitarist, and attended the University of Minnesota Morris, where he played football.

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