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Maven is a wonderful tool, Eclipse is a wonderful tool (well, versions 3.5, 3.6 SR1 and 3.7 anyway).

Using the two together creates an even more awesome tool.

It would be nice if you could just check timestamps instead of reloading the POM and keep the info necessary to track snapshots in some other location to avoid the whole long process.

Once you select Other Project Repositories This folder contains repositories which are defined by your projects.

My hunch is that this is somehow related to me running maven on the command line as well.

Browse your Local Maven repository Browse global repositories such as the Central Maven repository Browse a repository which captures artifacts generated by Maven projects in your Eclipse workspace Rebuild a Nexus Index from scratch Update a Nexus Index with incremental changes Modify the scope of repository indexing with a "minimal" or "full" index Disable Indexing for a repository Materialize a Maven project from information stored in a POM For more information about this new view, see Browsing and Manipulating Maven Repositories in Edition 0.

Here you will probably want to uncheck Download repository indexes at startup to speed up Eclipse startup time - you can always update indexes manually if you really need to.

Also note that this is not a tutorial on Maven - I have existing articles for that purpose. Before you can even use Maven, you need a specific plugin called m2eclipse.This strategy minimises the sorrow collection load, eclipse updating indexes hangs the when did ryan dunn start dating angie spent likeness collecting is reduced as much as necessary.Eclipse updating indexes hangs also go through the same means and this can be a big consequence. Intention, you need to use the -Xverify: Or canister detail the massive button on the Optimizer for Feel plugin and let us do it for you.This can be a little icky to setup however, especially if you use an Eclipse prior to version 3.7.The deal is that if you do it the way you are supposed to, you'll have no head aches.

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