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Abe asks why, in that case, he hadhis ex wife over for dinner. Abe says sure and asks Shane again what he was doing with Emma.Shane explainsthat he was trying to gain Emma's trust to try and get information about Kim'sbaby.Kayla tells him Adrienne's name and says she came to volunteer.Steve asks how Kayla knows she can trust Adriennewith the drugs and things she's got around.MANILA (UPDATED)—Cebu Pacific on Friday said it will resume daytime flight operations to and from Legazpi airport, as it reopens after being suspended due to a series of severe seismic and volcanic activities at Mayon.In an advisory, Cebu Pacific said limited operations will be observed following a Notice to Airmen reopening the Legazpi airport that was issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) on Friday.Roman, downstairs, calls for Carrie who's nowhere in sight and is pokingaround in the fire when he hears the door open behind him.He thinks it's Carrie and tells her whatever she's cooking it smells great.

In a statement, CAAP said airports in Legazpi, Naga, and Masbate are now operational after being temporarily closed due to massive ash clouds from Mayon Volcano.For those unfamiliar, we are an uncensored community for fans and lovers of the daytime genre.We have a no-holds-barred atmosphere in regards to the shows, writers, actors etc.Shane tells him Emma wasat his place for dinner the night before.Abe didn't know they were gettingon that well and Shane says they weren't.

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