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You’ll come to find that Facebook will be known as the Harvey Weinstein of social media, with controversy after controversy engineered by both the right and left, albeit for different reasons.

What’s more enraging about the left though is their hypocrisy toward net neutrality, which can only exist with personal accountability.

And also trying to protect illegal alien (ie, non-American) victims of sex trafficking.

Republicans do not give a shit about sex trafficking, as the victims are mostly poor women.

The Bill includes APPS and even facebook (see last few sentences)With bipartisan enthusiasm, the U. House of Representatives has just passed a bill that would endanger sex workers, make life even worse for human trafficking survivors, put both free speech and social media in serious jeopardy, and drastically expand federal prosecutorial power. FOSTA's actual targets are adults consensually engaging in prostitution as well as web platforms that allow user-generated content.

1865, is euphemistically named the "Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act" (FOSTA), despite the fact that there's nothing stopping state authorities from punishing sex traffickers and their allies at present and despite the fact that trafficking victims can already sue abusers in civil court.

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The vast, vast, VAST majority of young people swept up in the sex trade are not immigrants imported for that purpose, but our own kids, neglected by their own parents, pushed out of their own homes onto the streets, left with few to no services, and forced by circumstance and our callous national neglect to sell their bodies for a warm meal and a warm place to sleep. There are so many women and men out there who used CL to hook, Just trying to make some money.

Both Democrats and Republicans now view social media as the enemy since they want to silence opposition.

Users should be entrusted to form their own opinions based on supported evidence, or when presented with insufficient information, use the vast resources available to them to research articles themselves. Facebook news, can any FB users see in retrospect how they may have been targeted, from data about them? Would there be any way to create a private, member only site requiring you to sign a waver of some kind removing their liability?

The only way to get rid of it would be to delete your account. able to be held responsible for things like the Russian election attack, right? able to be held responsible for things like the Russian election attack, right? You really think a Republican controlled government wants to hold corporations responsible for much of anything?

At least the last time I checked it was still that way. But, of course, the actual effects will be to stifle the internet, just like the repeal of net neutrality will stifle the internet. If you aren't happy with someone for whatever reason then talk about it with them or just leave. Have you not noticed ANYTHING that has happened in American in the last 18 months? Too many people connecting and enjoying themselves openly. They want it all buttoned down, covered up, and deniable.

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