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There are several methods of finding the money to fill the gap between college costs and financial aid: You could also take a leave of absence from school to work full-time for a short period to earn enough money to pay for the rest of your education.

Private student loans cannot be consolidated with this program.

But, beware; leaving school is the first step toward not finishing your education. Finally, if graduation is a month or two away and you need to pay a few small bills before you can graduate, such as a library fine or parking ticket, use credit cards as a last resort.

Colleges can withhold official academic transcripts and degrees if a student owes an outstanding financial debt to the school.

Voluntarily make three consecutive payments on-time and in full on the defaulted loans(s) prior to consolidation.

Your credit score will have no impact on your eligibility for this program, or on the interest rate of your Direct Consolidation Loan.

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