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In arguing against what he calls the “conservative fetish for the second amendment,” he writes in the : "Repealing the Amendment may seem like political Mission Impossible today, but in the era of same-sex marriage it's worth recalling that most great causes begin as improbable ones." All of this is fascinating because the main argument of devoted “Never Trumpers” like Stephens — i.e., pundits and GOP-leaning activists who refuse to support or vote for Donald Trump — is that Donald Trump is not conservative enough.

They argued that Trump could do short- and long-term damage to the conservative movement by this action or that one.

In 2014 it was revealed that Republican North Carolina Senate candidate Steve Wiles once performed as a drag queen, proving once again that conservative, anti-gay activists aren't always what they seem.

This list of conservative anti-gay activists who turned out to be gay includes state and national leaders whose homophobic convictions were actually nothing more than lies.

Eddie Long was accused of wrongly using his influence, taking the boys to places such as Kenya, paying for their hotel rooms, and giving them gifts such as cars, cash, and jewelry in exchange for mutual masturbation, oral sex, and sensual massaging.

In 2017, dating can feel like navigating a wasteland, especially for the conservative.

There is no way to stumble upon a profile on, as they are all private. He found Lucien, whose profile bragged about his "smooth, sweet, tight ass" and "perfectly built 8 inch cock (uncut.)" His profile also said that he'd be "up for anything" as long as the person paid... UPDATE: a few months later, Lucien admitted to giving sexual massages to George Rekers, understandably, as it would take anyone quite a while to admit that; even to themselves.

Georgia Pastor Eddie Long is a Baptist and famed televangelist in his area. Martin Luther King's grave in the name of defining marriage as between a man and a woman.

Ted Cruz), have had to endure the self-righteous indignation of Never Trumpers like Stephens for that choice.

Even though politicians might claim to be morally opposed to the same-sex lifestyle, there are some who turn out not to so be anti-gay themselves, at least in their personal lives.

Our nation's Congress is certainly not immune to hypocrisy, especially when it comes to same-sex marriage and equal rights for the LGBT community. That's what we do, exchange pics on the site."North Carolina Republican Senate candidate Steve Wiles campaigned heavily on his anti-gay beliefs and his support of the state's same sex marriage ban.

And many are quite thoughtful in admonishing Christians to put God first, above loyalty to any politician or Party, especially a feckless one like the GOP.) Now it turns out we’ve been scammed when it comes to some of the most prominent Never Trumpers — either people like Stephens or “conservative” websites that regularly promote them.

Let’s be clear: besmirching the good name of “marriage” by attaching it to unholy, sodomitic relationships is about as far from noble “conservatism” as you can get.

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