Black dating forum

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I just got back from Seoul and I think only a subset of girls there are open to relationships with black guys.

I visited an African restaurant and an African American club (Kings Club) in Itaewon.

You may use this as a dating site, sugar baby/daddy/mommy site, or to exchange interracial dating experience, or to learn Japanese, Chinese, or Korean language from our members in the site forum.

Of course, some countries such as Bulgaria and Romania are truly Eastern Europe geographically and by religion (they're Orthodox and not Catholic countries), but I'm still not sure how they feel about the term.

Black men do not travel as much as whites or Asians so you will be more exotic to other women from other countries. I have done years of research, talking to other black men and local men from each countries above and these countries love black men.

A country like Thailand are used to seeing white men, but when a black guy like me visits, it is a different ball game. Many of these women have only seen black men on television and not in real life so you are like this new species coming on their land.

I don't think black guys would be very successful in Hungary.

Budapest is fairly cosmopolitan, so maybe a black man might be able to succeed there, but I don't think a black guy would do well outside the capital.

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