Attraction dating christian married dating in cannondale connecticut

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Let God do the choosing for you, I believe that God who chose this person for you, chose this person for a reason.A reason you will find out sooner or later, and it will be beautiful then.What does the person do that does not feel the attraction – and when?Here are some thoughts: Expectations: It is very important (especially when using the Internet!!“compassionate openness is the best course” Now what does the one do that finds that they are not attracted? IF the expectations for this meeting were discussed ahead of time and it was openly discussed that this could be a possibility, it is easier to approach the topic.If it is not and ‘expectations’ of romance are in the air, it is more difficult.There are so many ‘forces’ at play when singles connect with each other.

In my opinion, physical attraction should not be the most important thing, what God says about the person should be the most important thing.

However, I find that most times what takes place in these distant contacts is more fantasy than reality.

There is a ‘force’ out of the want for something good to happen that emotions are allowed to travel way ahead of reality.

It is not uncommon for one of them to immediately discern that for one reason or another, they are not attracted to the other person.

There is a variety of reasons – and not one of them usually a fault of anyone.

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