Agnostic atheist spiritual dating

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The Mormon circles in which I am active have been rocked in recent weeks by the stories about Joseph L.Bishop, the former MTC president who has been accused by two women of sexual abuse during his time in that position.It seems to me that situations like this at least raise questions about the meaning of these claims.

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One possibility is that everyone who claims any kind of revelation or spiritual guidance is deluding themselves, that the whole thing is a sham.But in the end, I’m inclined to take spiritual experience seriously, because it’s been a significant aspect of my life.And given that I’ve personally had meaningful spiritual experiences both inside and outside of Mormonism, I find that as much as on my bad days I might want to dismiss everything positive about the church, it wouldn’t be an honest move for me to make.I’m guessing that will not sound unreasonable to most believers. I don’t think it’s fair to play the fallibility card, to fall back on the undeniable truth that we’re all only human, when grappling with situations like this, and then turn around and say that it’s nearly outside the realm of possibility that church leaders could be mistaken in proclaiming the will of God in other situations.I suppose you could argue that those are in some way different categories, that God doesn’t intervene to let people know that they’re trusting the wrong humans and are calling predators to serve in positions of authority, but nonetheless ensures that leaders are teaching only correct doctrine and enacting only divinely authorized policies for the church.

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